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Everyone’s favorite outdoor co-op recently opened its latest brick-and-mortar store in Beaverton, Oregon, with a three-day celebration to mark the occasion. At a staggering 39,000 square feet, the new Beaverton location became the largest REI store in the country when it opened its doors. 

With plenty of room to roam and brands to explore, Team Sawyer was overwhelmed by the community's turnout and the enthusiasm of staff, families, and friends who visited our booth. But the excitement doesn’t stop there; Sawyer celebrated with a $5,000 donation to the REI Cooperative Action Fund, whose mission is to create a more equitable outdoors for everyone. 

About the REI Cooperative Action Fund 

The REI Cooperative Action Fund is a community-supported public charity that directly supports organizations promoting justice, equity and belonging in the outdoors to strengthen the health and well-being of people and communities.

Time outside and our connection to nature is fundamental for the social, cultural, economic, and individual health and well-being of all people. But today, millions of Americans lack access to the outdoors, and many don't feel a sense of safety or belonging outside. 

We believe cooperative action leads to cooperative change.

The REI Cooperative Action Fund exists to provide support for nonprofit organizations across the country doing the essential work to create a more equitable outdoors for everyone.  

Glorious Grantees 

Here at Sawyer, we’re proud to support a wide range of organizations, from trail management nonprofits to clean water projects around the world. Therefore, it comes as no surprise to learn that many of our partners are also grantees of the REI Cooperative Action Fund. 

Here are a few of our favorite community-driven partners making waves for marginalized groups in the outdoors as grantees of the REI Cooperative Action Fund: 


To learn more about where Sawyer’s $5,000 donation is headed, check out the full list of active grantees here and browse organizations that connect people, create space, and center health in the outdoors. 

Do you know of a stellar organization that aligns with REI Cooperative Action Fund’s mission to create a more equitable outdoors for everyone? To recommend a potential grantee, visit this page of their website.

The Purchase Power of Industry-Leading Protection 

Don’t forget: Every Sawyer Product you purchase supports community partners focused on equity, tick-borne disease, Leave No Trace education, and more. Sawyer donates over 90% of profits to clean water projects around the world, and we’re honored to partner with the REI Cooperative Action Fund to support this vital work in our community. 


April 30, 2024

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Katie Houston

Katie, alias Oats, est une randonneuse solitaire qui a parcouru plus de 3 000 milles, ce qui fait d'elle une passionnée de la culture, du jargon et d'autres connaissances sur l'arrière-pays. Grâce à son travail, elle est en mesure d'éduquer le public sur l'éthique des sentiers et de s'efforcer de créer une communauté de plein air où tout le monde se sent à sa place. Découvrez ses aventures avec Thru the husky sur son site web et sur Instagram.

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