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Gardening with Alpha-gal Syndrome

Gardening with Alpha-gal syndrome might not be on your mind when you’re initially diagnosed. At first, you’re simply trying to figure out how to navigate what to eat and probably what to wear, not to mention your medications. Many of our medications in the U.S. have mammal in them, and we can be very allergic to some ingredients.

But, if you’re a gardener, trying to garden with Alpha-gal syndrome will soon become important to you. As I explained to the Two Alpha Gals on an episode of their In the Tall Grass podcast, I can’t stop gardening. Gardening is my life.

To learn more about this tick-borne disease, here’s another recent article about Alpha-gal syndrome by Sage Scott. Also, look at Alpha-gal Information, a project of Alpha-gal Alliance.

Spoiler: Alpha-gal is becoming an epidemic.

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May 13, 2024

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