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Stay Bug- & Itch-Free with These Essentials for Inside & Outside Your Home

Whether you're dealing with mosquitoes at a BBQ or fruit flies in your kitchen, these sprays, zappers, traps, and more, are sure to help you fight the bugs (and keep you from itching).

Picture it: it's a warm summer night. You sit outside to enjoy a meal in your backyard, when suddenly you hear it. The buzz of an insect around your ear. Soon, you feel the inevitable itch on your skin. You find refuge inside, but a fly has followed you in. There's no escape. If this scenario sounds familiar to you, or you just want to avoid it at all costs, I'm with you. That's why I've put together a list of the best essentials to have on hand, both indoors and outside your home, to keep you bug-free and itch-free. From preventative sprays to patches that can help you after you've been bit, there's something for every kind of bite and insect.

If you want a spray that will keep away bugs, but includes DEET (a strong chemical used in many repellents), then there's a popular option backed by over 9,000 5-star Amazon reviews. And, if you'd like a DEET-free option, I've included ones that have plant-based and chemical-free formulas that are also effective. There's also indoor traps, outdoor zappers, and plug-in traps that can catch flies, gnats, mosquitoes, and more. Plus, sprays to soothe bites, a mesh screen door to keep out unwanted pests, and repellent bracelets.

So, start scrolling and arm yourself with the best essentials to keep your home and backyard bug-free -- and you and your family itch-free. Finally, you can say "bye Felicia" to insects and scratching.

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May 13, 2024

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